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January 23, 2019

The Hayne Royal Commission has delivered a lightning sharp focus on failures of compliance in large companies.

It has spotlighted the difficulties involved in managing a wide array of factors, from complexity and the high demands of rapid technological change on product portfolios to internal politics and silos, and the difficulties of speaking out against the riptide of self-interest.

The invention of Skyjed was inspired by the:

• difficulties boards and senior managers have in keeping tabs on core products, and receiving complete and accurate information in a timely manner;
• importance of compliance to maintaining trust and brand value, and limiting damage;
• the ability of new technology to help address these issues.

Just quickly, our continuous auditing tool can save your company time, money and grief by delivering, in hours instead of weeks, much more than just all the objective data on your key product performance metrics.

Skyjed will give you a clear picture of your product health – by auditing the full spectrum of operational and non-financial product drivers & risk.

 Strong product governance insight is key to 2019.  Skyjed is a real need-to-have business tool for CEO’s, product/risk leaders and board members concerned about product simplification & risk. We’d love to demonstrate its capabilities to you.

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