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Simplify your poor & risky products in 2019.

January 14, 2019

Skyjed continuous auditing tool arms you with everything you need to begin to simplify underperforming or risky products from your business as you kick-start 2019.   We have developed software that guides you through a step-by-step audit of your products. The review deep dives into all your product growth & risk drivers across operational, financial and non-financial factors.

Continuous auditing is a recipe for success.

In our rapidly changing markets & the heightened importance of nurturing product trust, your products now need to be pushed through a continuous auditing cycle every three months. The Skyjed software tool is a bit like an independent audit of each of your products with a clear framework that helps monitor, review, rate and generates independent reports for all business stakeholders, for example, product growth & marketing team, risk management team, leadership team and directors. 

Here's what you can do:
1. schedule disciplined product reviews
2. track progress from the reviews and agreed actions
3. govern conflicts of interest in a product life cycle
4. execute better product lifecycle decisions
5. generate a health risk assessment
6. escalate issues
7. improve the capability of your team to be curious & make data-driven product decisions,
8. boost how your product team thinks about your products, business and problem-solving. 

So if you want to get on the front foot in 2019 take the first step to plan to audit your poor & risky products with outcomes based review. Curious  and want to do more with your existing products? We can have you up and running in weeks not months.

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