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What would you give for a clear, data–based review of your products' health and emerging risks?

August 26, 2018

While many people would like to see the future - businesses must – or get caught in the rip of disruption and sink. 

Many businesses get trapped in the busy day-to-day and let tracking product risk fall away. Looking to the operational and non-financial risks is not easy, so we’ve made it so.

Our new Skyjed 'mission control' software looks forward, not back, giving board members, senior executives and product managers a clear, data–based view of product health and performance by factoring in the potential impacts of a multitude of soft signals on product health. It alerts businesses to issues and highlights potential opportunities  – all within an objective framework based on smart analytics – in hours, not weeks. 

Skyjed can analyse  product health drivers across the four key categories of Revenue, Value, Customer, and Innovation to deliver a clear understanding of exactly what is happening and what can sustain the longevity of your competitive advantage.

Our product health-check is a unique data modelling framework that determines ‘Product Health Score’, an intelligent insight tool that highlights product risks so that you can be aware and engaged on growth and risk.

Skyjed’s enables you to  drill down on issues and share accurate reports to stakeholders to grow your business. Can we show you how?

After more than 20 years in product management, Skyjed founder, Leica Ison, decided what Board members, senior executives and product managers needed was a simple business tool to analyse product business model health and emerging risks - so she made it. 

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