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Why Skyjed is the ideal addition to platforms like Slack, Jira, and Trello.

June 06, 2018

Two Product Managers Looking at plans on a white board.

Why Skyjed is the ideal addition to platforms like Slack, Jira, and Trello.

Product management teams know they are constantly being measured by the success of new products and services. It doesn’t matter if they are just trying to generate profit or if they are trying to close a profit or revenue gap, the metrics are being reported and judgments are being made.

In an attempt to gain an edge you’re using all the right tools. Jira or Trello are helping you stick to the clarion call of plan, track and ship often. You’ve all become messaging ninjas on Slack which is keeping you out of your inbox and in contact with your team. But wait! What about Post Launch? What’s your plan for the life-cycle management of your product or service once it’s out in the wild? Actively managing products post-launch and improving the productivity of lifecycle management is the new opportunity for many product teams. 

We’ve done the research.

Over the last 24 months, our Founder and CEO at Skyjed got back to basics and went out into the field to conduct over 100 detailed qualitative interviews with product managers, CEOs’ , CIOs' and CTOs’. One of the startling realisations was that too few companies have a clear discipline for post-launch success and it’s a pain point they are struggling to deal with.

The pressure on Agile teams in particular to release and then report has ignored the potential riches which can be had by rigorous comparison across your product life stage. A great post-launch strategy will also include scaling successful products to drive profit growth as well as making the hard decision to exit products that have had their time or are just not performing as you had hoped.

Skyjed boosts the productivity of your product management post-launch with a commercial flavor. 

[How?] Skyjed wraps around and complements your current toolset. It provides a disciplined and pragmatic framework to conquer your post launch product the challenges.  It starts the product process at the Ideation or Product Concept stage helping to validate and shape your product concepts. Taking you further along the product map past the Execute or Product Launch stage where Jira stops, Skyjed continues your journey onto the Monitor, Scale, and Sunset stages with its rigorous Health Check and Exit tools.

Product LifecycleDigital Tools
ConceptSlack, Trello, Lean Canvas, Skyjed
DesignJira, Slack, Trello
BuildJira, Slack, Trello
LaunchTrello, Skyjed
Scale Skyjed 

Our step by step review of in-market products is an automated and intelligent process that powers strategic product reviews. At the click of a button, find and highlight potential improvements for increased performance, areas of risk, innovation opportunities and investment requirements.

We’re not saying that you should get rid of the products that you are already using, but that there’s a sound commercial reason to add to your toolset and ensure that you are extracting the full financial potential of your in-market products.  

No matter what level you work at in your organisation, taking a little of that pressure we talked about earlier on away from your product teams also makes sense.

We’d love to show you how Skyjed is the ideal addition to your current agile and product management platform requirements. Request a Demo today.

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